Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Nano Box line up grow SPS, clams, etc?
Yes, the Nano Box line up can grow SPS, clams and any other type of coral. There are some limitations on sizing. Please refer to the PAR graphs shown on each products page.

Can Nano Box Reef ship to _____________ ?
Yes, we can ship worldwide. Please send us an email to get an accurate shipping rate.

Can the Nano Box Reef power supplies work with over sea voltages?
Yes, they will work with 110-240 and 50-60hrz. We do not provide the proper out plug. You will need to purchase an adaptor for that.

Does Nano Box Reef offer a warranty on any of their products?
Yes, all products have a limited two year warranty.

Which LED unit do you recommend for ___________ ?
Please check each unit’s page and scroll to the bottom. There is a Nano Box tank recommendation chart for each model.

Do you need WIFI to changes setting, set up, etc?
Yes, you need WIFI for the initial set up and to make changes. If the controller looses WIFI it will keep running the current program you have chosen.

How long does it take for a custom RETRO or unit?
Our goal is to turn custom orders around in approximately 2-4 weeks. However, more complicated orders can take 4-6 weeks. We understand the excitement of ordering a new Nano Box unit, and want to do our absolute best to get them turned around in a timely manor. We promise that the units will NOT sit around and you will be the first to know.

What is the average turn around on regular orders?
Currently 2-4 days max. This includes RETRO kits, Minis, DUOs and QUADS. Currently the HYBRID build time is 3-4 weeks.

Will Nano Box offer different/custom lids?
Yes, Nano Box will be offering a new lid series each month. We can also do custom lids.

What LEDs does Nano Box Reef use?
Phillips Rebel ES, Luxeon T and SEMILED.

What shipping method does Nano Box Reef use?
We normally will use USPS. However larger packages will go FedEx Ground/Home delivery. Quicker shipping options are available for a change.

Does Dave build every unit?
Yes, Dave builds every unit by hand.

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