The Nano Mini

The Nano Mini comes in three models: Tide, Flare and Glow

The Nano Box Mini is the smallest full spectrum LED lamp out the market. Measuring at a tiny 5"x3"x1.25". The actively cooled unit houses nine to eleven Philips Rebel ES and SEMILED LED's. Ranging from warm white, neutral white, cool white, royal blue, blue, cyan, deep red, green and violet between the three versions of Mini's. Units are manually dimmed and can be upgraded to the CORALUX Storm controller. Wiring hanging, tank mounts and custom colors are available. Buy now

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Product Demo
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NBR Mini Tide Typhoon Build

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Robert F.'sMini Tide

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Nano Box Controller


The Nano Box Mono/Duo is one of the smallest full spectrum high powered LED lamps on the market. Each unit houses thirteen to twenty-six Phillips Rebel ES and SEMILED LED's. Each unit is controlled by the CORALUX Storm controller featuring dusk/dawn effects, moonlights, storms and clouds. Wiring hanging kit included. Buy now

Light Gray Duo

Tim's Duo Box

Nano Box proudly presents the RETRO line. Offering multiple options for any lighting idea imaginable. Your favorite housing can make a beautiful retrofit.

Instead of throwing away your old halide or T5 unit, allow us to help you transform it into a stunning new LED fixture. Help reduce waste and keep from buying a new lighting system, RETRO it!

Nano Box now carries multiple options ranging from full spectrum modules, CNC enclosures, dimmable drivers, heatsinks and AIO kits. Buy now

Kyle's T5 Hybrid

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Brad's T5 Hybrid

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